by Kari Rittenbach

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Shelf Life, 2012

In the kitchen, the breakfast table is as likely to hold a laptop as a bowl of jordan almonds or a butter knife. The men and women living at the house share the space and the washing-up communally, not always equally. Crumbs on the stove are forgotten to conversation. The radio is tuned to BBC 4. A smell of toast, burning.

From spring to mid-summer, a series of contemporary artists has been invited to present items from their working practice on a designated shelf in the kitchen of a private residence in South London. As much an exhibition as a process of communication achieved through the physical exchange of objects and the aesthetic concepts they might imply, the program breaks apart the notion of the 'site-specific' as something purely phenomenological by proposing an established setting of intimate proportions; to be interpreted as liberally or politically as the work itself requires.

Tea is served for public openings scheduled every other Saturday afternoon, and installations can be viewed by appointment through the following Sunday. During the week the artwork co-habitates with mundane activities from composting to e-mailing, in an accidental performance of 21st Century 'kitchen-sink realism'.

Featuring work by Fia Backström, Manuela Barczewski, Nina Canell, Morag Keil, Hayal Pozanti, Eileen Quinlan, Rachel Rose.

in T: The New York Times Style Magazine
Week 7: Hayal Pozanti, 10-17 June
Week 6: Fia Backström, 19-27 May
Week 5: Eileen Quinlan, 5-13 May
Week 4: Rachel Rose, 21-29 April
Week 3: Nina Canell, 7-15 April
Week 2: Morag Keil, 24 March-1 April
Week 1: Manuela Barczewski, 10-18 March