by Kari Rittenbach

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Studio Visit, 2013/14

The definition of space in the studio apartment, suitable for occupancy by a single individual, is as psychological as it is physical. A cooking room, eating room, working room, reading room, sleeping room, brushing-teeth-in room, all in one. Here, perspectival consistency develops into well-worn meditative practice. Is the teapot on, or off? The store of grapefruit in the produce drawer is eaten away incrementally; days measurable in remaining halves. Unwashed laundry piled on a corner chair belongs to no-one else.

This winter, a series of artists install select items in the library of a private residence in Brooklyn. In shared accommodations, the shelf is a key organizing surface for the smooth choreography of overlapping activities; in isolation, there is greater levity for the expression of chaos, or organizational idiosyncrasy. The process of communication through concepts and objects proportional to the intimate scale of exhibition thus grows more particular in its address, even down to a personal level.

     Viola Yesiltaç
     Die ständige Anfängerin

     Tiril Hasselknippe
     Resort City

     Claire Fontaine
     Regular Square/Rectangle Room With Two Entrances

     Patricia L Boyd

What affect do the effects of others have in one's own room? In the era of the instagrammable art fair, a real time study of second-wave studio practice.

Public receptions are held once per month. As sociable interference, the visitor triangulates relations between artist and leaseholder, finally transforming constrained space into commodious receiving room.

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